Reframe: You Live and You Learn

Pause and think about this phrase we say, often after we empathize with a friend’s retelling of a story. Chances are it’s a story of a mistake, disappointment, or some other sort of spilled milk.

“You live and (you) learn”.

Have you said this or heard it said recently?
How many of those times was it with enthusiasm or an exclamation point at end
Why do we not say this phrase enthusiastically, more frequently?
After all, it is a phrase acknowledging life experiences and a journey that has survival, persistence, and self-improvement woven into it.
It’s about a truth of life. How about we reframe it this way – all else held equal, we are given the choice to live and learn, versus to live and NOT learn.
Could you convince yourself to ever pick the latter?

So why not say this phrase more enthusiastically, celebrating each day the decision we actively make – to live and learn.

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